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Angus Lift Trucks Ltd treats the privacy of the personal information of individuals as an important issue and is committed to maintaining the security of the personal information provided to it. You should review the privacy policy of each individual website you access via hyperlinks from this website and decide whether the policy of each website is satisfactory to you before continuing.

Angus Lift Trucks Ltd collect information from the website for our own purpose and may include yet not exhaustive to:-


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This may be used for our own internal records and for the purpose of market research.

Angus Lift Trucks Ltd will not disclose or sell your personal data to third parties unless your permission has been requested and granted. Disclose will only happen if required to do so by the law and our obligations need to be met on this occasion.

To request a copy of our full privacy policy please email:

Date: 08.05.19 | Review Date: Yearly / Ongoing